Crisis PR management is essential. Sadly, PR is not just about good news stories. It is also about dealing with the media when bad news happens. If you have no experience of this and the worst happens, you can be ill-equipped to prevent damage to your business reputation. Dealing with the media unprepared can leave your business vulnerable, as you are liable to reveal information, or express your views, in a way that damages your reputation unintentionally.

Crisis PR management limits the risks to your business

Hopefully, a PR crisis will never happen to you but, if it does, you can’t afford to take risks with your business. Would you know what to do if someone decided to go to the press with a negative story about your business?

Dawn Mimnagh has the expertise to respond to media enquiries discreetly, promptly and professionally, and, regardless of the circumstance, in a manner which reflects the true ethos of your organisation.

  • Handling media enquiries following a crisis
  • Liaising with stakeholders to agree a response
  • Preparing an appropriate press statement
  • Dealing with misrepresentation in the press.

To learn more about crisis management visit The British Standards Institution dedicated business continuity website.

“I have worked with Dawn over a number of years as she has represented a number of different bodies, most notably Aragon Housing Association in Bedfordshire. Both the Biggleswade Chronicle and the Bedfordshire Times and Citizen newspapers were in contact with Dawn on numerous occasions. Due to the very nature of housing associations and their broad remit, our queries were wide-ranging and a number of these naturally related to complaints that required a prompt response. In my experience Dawn dealt with all queries in a calm and professional manner, providing us with an appropriate response in good time. I have no doubt this certainly helped Aragon put across its position in the best way. I am happy to recommend her.” Jim Stewart, Times & Citizen