A successful product or service launch will result in opportunities for effective publicity. One area to consider is award entries. Just about every sector has institutions and organisations which hold regular awarding competitions to celebrate best practice. Those in the newbuild housing sector, for example, strive to win an award from WhatHouse? Similarly, housing associations look for accolades from the National Housing Awards. Being the recipient of this type of award is a real career highlight. Even being part of a team that holds an award jointly creates a feelgood factor.

Writing award entries is a skill in itself

It hardly needs to be said, of course, that behind every one of these successes is a great deal of hard work and ingenuity. Less obvious is the effort required for creating an award entry application. Although many of these applications are now just a short online form, there are others that still require a professionally designed hard copy version with lots of supporting evidence. To stand a chance of winning an award, the application needs to outline the achievement in an engaging manner, while at the same time fulfilling the award entry criteria. That is a tall order, and it can be labour-intensive too.

Think carefully about the suitability of your project before committing the time and resource needed to enter for an award. Egocentric bosses sometimes push staff to submit entries for accomplishments that, in reality, fall short of the mark. Amongst other things, awarding judges are looking for longevity. Sufficient time may need to pass before evidence of success is apparent.

For advice on whether it is the right time to enter into an award scheme, or for help with creating an application that meets the criteria, talk to successful award writer Dawn Mimnagh at Dotting and Crossing Ltd.