Dawn Mimnagh has worked in public relations for over a decade. She has experience of presenting organisations to regional and local media, and trade press.

Through Dotting and Crossing, Dawn Mimnagh will prepare easy-to-read press releases and press packs that provide busy journalists with the key facts in an easy-to-digest format, giving you the best possible opportunity to gain the publicity you need.

Public relations services

  • Press release copywriting
  • Monitoring of PR ‘hits’
  • Media management.

For further information about public relations visit The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR).

“During Dawn Mimnagh’s time with Ampthill Town Council she wrote the council’s press releases and acted as our spokesperson. Dawn competently managed all of our media requirements including getting the regional news to film twice in Ampthill. She also set up a history festival to celebrate the town’s rich history. Dawn has incredible creative energies and a refreshing approach to accomplish what needs to be done.” Donna Searle, Ampthill Town Council