Press pack guide

Press releases are generally emailed or posted online these days. They are also an invaluable component of the press pack given out to media when attending events.

A press pack may include some or all of the following:

• press release
• CD with selected images
• agenda of event
• price list of products
• corporate or sales brochure
• business cards.

Ensure the following are completed before the event:

• Compile a database or list of relevant media contacts.
• Email an invitation or pre-launch press release to media at least a week before.
• If possible, send them the agenda too – they may not be able to attend the whole event but might turn up at the best time to get the most news.
• Remember the photo opportunities – the press may send a photographer instead of (or as well as) a reporter. Ensure you have all your ‘props’ e.g. ribbon, scissors, large cheque.

On the day:

• Memorise the names and titles of VIPs – the reporter will expect you to know.
• Keep an eye out for the photographer or reporter – they may introduce themselves or they may not. You need to be available to answer their questions, ensure they speak to the relevant VIPs and take the right photos.
• Remember to give them the press pack!

Click to download this free Press pack guide – a handy checklist of essential PR things to do before and during an event.