Sometimes you might feel that your marketing efforts are not quite achieving what you want them to, but find it hard to identify why. One main reason could be because you are very close to your business and have looked at your website, social media and printed information too many times. You may even have fallen victim to overthinking your marketing messages and, as a result,  tinkered with the information so often that you no longer trust that it makes sense.

If this sounds like you, take heart, it is a common problem. The reason why published authors employ editors is to protect them from this same scenario. Of course, they need a professional reviewer to check the grammar and punctuation, but they also rely on the editor to act as an objective third party to provide them with a sanity check.

Get a second opinion

Producing collateral for business is not too dissimilar from writing a book. Like all authors, people writing about their own business are passionate about the subject matter. That is a great feeling, but you can end up letting your heart rule your head. If you feel that you need to take a step back and get a second opinion about how you are presenting your marketing messages to your customer audience, help is at hand. Dawn Mimnagh at Dotting and Crossing is an experienced marketing communications professional and would be delighted to help you with a marketing review of your business information.