Branding concerns the way a company builds a relationship with consumers by eliciting an emotional response. We are all familiar with the way this is done visually and aurally through TV advertising. Regardless of the media used to convey a brand, the message needs to be memorable and persuasive; this is why skilful copywriting, editing and proofreading are essential to brand development. For an insightful, yet easy-to-read introduction to brand management, Dotting and Crossing recommends Create the Perfect Brand by Paul Hitchens.

Branding requires an eye for detail

Dawn Mimnagh at Dotting and Crossing can help with:

  • Logo development
  • Corporate identity
  • Consistency
  • Brand audit
  • Brand guidelines
  • Brand management
  • Brand strategy
  • Style guides.

“Dawn of Dotting and Crossing  has been a great help in creating my marketing materials, From doing an interview which helped refine my message, to meticulously editing the final drafts of various marketing materials, Dawn has helped me craft a clear and consistent brand. I know I can absolutely rely on her skills, good sense and positive mindset and intend to do so often as I grow my brand! Thanks Dawn!” Jen Tiller, Healerzone

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