Marketing is a core business function, in much the same way as finance, IT and human resources. Successful businesses take marketing seriously and reap the benefits as a result.

Digital marketing and social media may seem to be all about communicating messages fast, but these facets of marketing, much like the more traditional channels, need forward planning and integrating into the wider business goals.

Through her marketing consultancy, Dotting and Crossing Ltd, Dawn Mimnagh works with businesses from all sectors, to help them identify and reach their target audience, and position their product or service offering (off and online) in a way that will make customers want to buy.

Like most professional marketing consultants, Dawn can think creatively and analytically. Her specialty is marketing communications, and she uses her skill in this area to help her clients gain the results they need from their marketing campaigns and public relations activity.

Dawn has been a great help in creating my marketing materials, From doing an interview which helped refine my message, to meticulously editing the final drafts of various marketing materials, Dawn has helped me craft a clear and consistent brand. I know I can absolutely rely on her skills, good sense and positive mindset and intend to do so often as I grow my brand! Thank you Dawn! Jen Tiller, Healerzone