Dotting and Crossing Ltd is owned by Dawn Mimnagh, whose knowledge of marketing communications has been gained from over 20 years’ employment in the marketing departments of several organisations. For the last five years, Dawn has been putting those skills to good use as an independent marketing communications adviser and content copywriter.


Since graduating from The University of Leeds (English BA (Hons) 1989), Dawn has practised marketing in the retail, telecommunications, information technology, air transport and construction industries. She has also worked as a town centre manager and has held a post in local government.

Through Dotting and Crossing, Dawn now uses marketing knowledge gained from these environments to provide you with effective marketing communications for your business.

Dawn has a particular strength in copywriting, editing and proofreading, but through collaboration with many marketing professionals from different career backgrounds, she also has a good understanding of associated disciplines, including graphic design, digital media, photography and print management.

Alongside copywriting and editorial skills, Dawn has an appreciation of the vital part marketing has to play in the success of both commercial and not-for-profit ventures, which she can use to help you with your marketing communications strategy and planning.

Some prior knowledge of the sector in which you are working is an advantage in marketing, but it is not a prerequisite! Experience has taught Dawn that the best marketing communications practitioners are simply enthusiastic and approachable people who love the creative process of blending words with images to get the right messages to the right people in the most suitable format. Dawn works hard to ensure that Dotting and Crossing lives up to this standard.

Professional marketing status

Dawn Mimnagh is a Chartered Marketer, which means she is a Member of  The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and holds a professional qualification in marketing. Of course, this doesn’t mean that Dawn knows everything there is to know about marketing; this would be unrealistic as marketing covers a wide range of knowledge and skills. Dawn is experienced in the promotional aspects of marketing and she has also studied the marketing mix in general. As a CIM Member, Dawn can refer clients to other professional marketers for additional support if required. She is also expected to adhere to the CIM Code of Professional Practice.

Dawn Mimnagh is Vice Chair of the Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire branch of the CIM. As a self-employed marketer, Dawn networks with other businesses in her locality and is sympathetic to the marketing challenges faced by small and medium businesses.